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FOX News
Aug 7, 2013 12:00pm PDT
, the 100 bowl. beef oh grady bowl. birmingham bowl and the bowl yet to be named in detroit. atlantic coast conference, have a great day! [ male announcer ] you'll never see weekday lunch the same again! it's red lobster's rlunch. seven selections made for your lunch break, like simp tacos and grilled shrimp salad with soup. all jt $7.99. come inoday for rlunch and sea food differently. >>. >> shep: before the break we told you that the president had cancelled the summit meeting about the russian leader over recent tensions with moscow. one factor in that move in the recent decision to provide temporary asylum to snowden. so, are you surprised? >> snowden is a big part of this. remember there are a lot of other things that are going wrong in the relationship between united states and russia. you showed a photo earlier from the sitdown a few months ago. it's kind of a reflection of the bad relationship they have right now. where is it stemming from? look no further than syria, where united states and russia are two sides of war. they are concerned that russians are funding assad. the u.s. wa
FOX News
Aug 12, 2013 12:00pm PDT
and raided several of his offices in the detroit area. investigators say he gave chemo to patients who did not need and it diagnosed people with cancer when there were no signs of cancer. a judge is set to decide whether to grant bail at hearing tomorrow. laura is live in our new york newsroom. >> enough to make your head spin, if all of these allegations are true. aside from giving patients costly chemo treatments, federal investigators say dr. fata ordered assistants to 'provide the treatment and if patients got nervous he prescribed them xanax. he was ordering chemotherapy for all end of life patients instead of letting the patients die in peace. an oncology nurse who applied for a job with dr. fa a filed a claim that she witnessed treatments that should have lasted minutes dragging on for hours. >> why didn't they do anything? that was three years ago. and in that time, how many people could have been saved and how many families could have been spared? >> if convicted on current charges. fata could get ten years in prison. a spokesman with the u.s. attorney's office says if the investi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)